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Gin Black Edition by...

Gin Black Edition 70 cl bottle - 42% vol. Aperitif of the Meyer'S Frères range. An alcoholic beverage made essentially from juniper berries, aromatic plants and ginger. Gin Black Edition by Meyer'S to be enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail.

Price €25.90

SPRITZ Meyer'S Frères 70 cl

SPRITZ  Meyer'S Frères - Also known as Apérol. 70 cl bottle 18 % vol. Aperitif from the Meyer’s Frères range. Alcoholic drink elaborated essentially from bitter orange and gentian.

Price €16.90

Alsatian Pastis Meyer'S...

Alsatian Pastis - 70 cl bottle 45 % vol. Aperitif from the Meyer’S Frères range. Alcoholic drink mainly made with anise, star anise, fennel and liquorice. Can be enjoyed as an aperitif complemented with fresh water.

Price €22.50

Raspberry Mojito Kit

HERE’S A SUMMER RECIPE TO REFRESH YOUR DAY! To be enjoyed in moderation! A base of raspberry liqueur and fruit brandy for the fruity side, lime, mint leaves and crushed ice for the refreshing side. A small recipe is provided with the kit.

Price €26.90

Artisan Gin Meyer'S Frères...

Artisan Gin - 70 cl bottle - 37.5% vol. Aperitif from the Meyer'S Frères range. Alcoholic drink made mainly from juniper berries, lemon balm and coriander. Ideal for making cocktails.

Price €22.50