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Arranged Rum with Pure Malt...

Don Juliac & Meyer Distillery Arranged Rum - With Meyer'S Pure Malt Whiskey Wood. 70 cl bottle 40.6% vol. A collaboration between the Meyer Distillery and Don Juliac (producer of Arranged Rum). Limited edition of 250 bottles.

Price €44.90

Caribbean Rum Column Crude...

Caribbean Rum Don Juliac - Column Crude. Bottle of 70 cl 75 % vol. Rum of the Caribbean Column Crude. Used as a base for all our arranged rums, it is a blend of traditional and agricultural rums from Martinique, Guyana, Barbados & Trinidad… at 75% vol.!

Price €52.90

Arranged Rum Coffee Pusher...

Don Juliac Arranged Rum – Coffee Pusher. Bottle of 70 cl 32 % vol. Intense and creamy Ethiopian coffee roasted next door with a shot of Mirabelle Brandy from 2003, this is the Lorraine Coffee Pusher.

Price €34.90

Arranged Rum Honey &...

Don Juliac Arranged Rum – Honey & Cinnamon. Bottle of 70 cl 32 % vol. The subtle marriage of the spiciness of Ceylon cinnamon and the roundness of honey.

Price €34.90

Arranged Rum Cherry 70 cl

Don Juliac Arranged Rum – Cherry. Bottle of 70 cl 25 % vol. Soft and fruity arranged rum with a good cherry taste but without cherry. Composed of a flower and a bean...

Price €34.90

Arranged Rum Physalis &...

Don Juliac Arranged Rum – Physalis & Tonka. Bottle of 70 cl 32 % vol. The combination of flavors from Latin America. The fruity, slightly acidic physalis… and the greedy of the Tonka bean.

Price €34.90

Arranged Rum Spicy Maya 70 cl

Don Juliac Arranged Rum – Spicy Maya. Bottle of 70 cl 40,6 % vol. 40.6% Spicy Arranged Rum for all those who are fed up with soft and sweet. Composed of Cocoa Beans, Tonka Beans and Chinese Chili Peppers Devil’s Ring to add a little pep and balance it all…

Price €34.90

Arranged Rum Cocoa &...

Don Juliac Arranged Rum – Cocoa & Mirabelle. Bottle of 70 cl 32,5 % vol. The meeting between the character of the Ivory Coast Cocoa Beans and the fruity Mirabelle de Lorraine (a shooter of Mirabelle brandy, made in at the end of the street).

Price €34.90

Arranged Rum Hops & Karkadé...

Don Juliac Arranged Rum – Hops & Karkadé. Bottle of 70 cl 32 % vol. The flowery alliance of hop cones with citrus notes for a delicate bitterness and Karkadé ruby from Egypt for the "pep" and balance.

Price €34.90

Arranged Rum Mango & Chili...

Don Juliac Arranged Rum – Mango & Chili Pepper. Bottle of 70cl 27,5 % vol. Scented and tangy Peruvian mango, associated with the Chinese Devil’s Ring Chilli, which heats without anesthetizing the palate. Recipe inspired by a Thai tradition where the chili pepper is put directly on the...

Price €34.90